Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The AAMCAS (American Association of Medical Colleges application Service) is officially up and running for application to the medical school class of 2007. Here begins the huge journey on my way to Medical School. Im getting butterflies in my stomach just logging in to it. I still don't know where I want to go or even if I am competitive enough to get in where I would want. Isn't it strange how the biggest changes and decisions in ones life all occur at about the same time?
A funny thing happened yesterday. Recently I have been sending my resume everywhere, and I have taken the quantity over quality outlook. Sending out my resume to more places but putting less effort into cover letters etc. I walk into my ancient literature class and my professor asks me "did you send out ur resume to the Columbia Pharmaceutical department?" and im like sure could be, and he informs me that his wife was charged with reviewing the applications and the name of my undergrad institution and decided to ask him. Funny thing is this is the professors first semester and he only teaches this one class which also only happens to have 11 students. To bad he said they were looking for someone with more experience.
it seems that im either to over qualified or underqualified. They are either only looking for High school diploma required...or Bachelor's and 3 yrs. experience required. How does one gain the experience if all the available positions for college grads require prior familiarity... The search continues..........


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