Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Side of the Story

Hello Everyone!

FFD was so kind enough to allow me to post on his blog!! Isn't he the best!!! Well ladies and gentelmen...this blog is now OURS!! If I get addicted to this, someone please stop me!!

Let the fun begin....

When I was first told about FFD, I had my usual simple questions(where he went to school, what's he like, etc). All great answers especially since I knew we had a bunch of friends in common so I thought it would be so nice if it worked out!! Anyway, once I heard I was the first girl he went out with, I then got a little nervous. In the past, I haven't had much luck with me being the guys' first. So I was contiplating back and forth ab out what to do. I finally said to myself, everything sounds great, why not just give it a shot.

So at the first phonecall, I was trying to be nice and understanding because the guy at the other end of the phone was nervous as anything(he told me on the spot which I thought was quite humerous and blunt). But, I dealt with it calmly and just tried to ween him into the dating world slowly. I was able to tell that FFD had(and still has) a sense of humor and I was able to carry on great conversations with him whether it be over the phone or IM.


Unlike FFD, I was not as nervous. Even after going out with a bunch of guys and have had my share of experiences in the dating world, I was still a drop nervous. I guess FFD is right (which doesn't happen SO often) that girls usually get very nervous because they don't know what the guy is going to look like. Well, at least that's what it is for me and usually after seeing the guy, I'm totally myself and carry on with the date.

Unfortunatly, I do not remember the specific details of each of our dates, but I will jump ahead (of FFD in his post) and say that going to Jillians is not the best place for a first date. I thought it would be fun, it's the place to go and I've been there many times(which I didn't realize that I'd be a drop bored after a few minutes). Afterall, I beat FFD in b-ball so where was the fun after that?! I was MVP on my high school b-ball team(ok so for those who know me, I'm SO not a b-ball player). I made that comment on our first date as a joke and FFD was silly enough to believe me(which he had no real reason not to!)

After Jillians, we went to eat at King David in Cedarhurst. I thought it went well. But on a first date, you don't get SO excited because you don't want to get your hopes up. After dinner, we sat and shmoozed in the car in the parking lot across the street. He then dropped me off at home and I just waited to see what was going to happen.

All in all the date was 6 hours long(my longest date ever)!!!

More to come....


Blogger Moshe said...

Ah, we finally get the other side of the story.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous DK said...

Great post looking forward to many more.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

All in all the date was 6 hours long(my longest date ever)!!!

...until the 2nd one. :)

Great to see the other side.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:53 PM  
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