Monday, May 22, 2006

No turning back...

While on the phone we had arranged that I would pick her up at around 5:30 and she had made all of the jokes that would be expected of a guy who rides his bike to school.

FFW:"so ur gonna have a little extra peddling to do huh"
Yeah So not funny.

Anyway she did offer to drive, but being the chauvenist gentleman that I am, I decided that only men should drive on the first date.

I was free on Wed. from 3 o'clock and went home at about 3:15, yes I did peddle a little faster than normal. I needed a haircut and so I did as I do and got some newspaper put it in the sink and took out the Oster hair clippers. I had my dad finish around the edges so I shouldn't look entirely unkempt. I was gonna try my hardest not to have her reject me based on my looks everything on this date was gonna have to at least feel right.
  • Hair -- CHECK
Well next I took a shower. This served a dual function, one: I wasn't about to smell bad on a first date, two: My heart was pounding harder than some LA cops on Rodney King, I needed something to help me relax.

**WARNING** the next three lines discuss my personal hygene be aware

Ok so here's the thing, I have very sensitive skin under my arms. I mean I have used even the "sensitive" anti-perspirants and still find that they cause me to itch worse than a porcupine with eczema. Iv'e done it all. Scentless, plain deoderant, stick, spray, gel, for sensitive skin, many different active ingrediants, and all make me itch. But there is some respite to that agony that is my armpit...Cologne. Believe it or not shpritzing some cologne on my sensitive pits actually doesn't bother me! Doesn't matter how abrasive the isopropyl alcohol it just doesn't bother me.

So after the shower I shpritzed myself with a little Sander cologne for men. (thanks to JT for finding an amazing deal on this stuff a couple months before). I will admit I did douse myself a little bit more than usual but hey
  • Smell -- CHECK
The previous night JT came home with a new shirt that he thought would look good on me. It had a litte pink in it but it wasn't like some flashy H&M shirt that I couldn't pull off ;-) it worked perfectly although it wouldn't be seen to much under the sweater I wore. Every year i like to get a new sweater or fleece. It started a long time ago with a green burbor fleece. then a black fleece then a grey fleece then a grey Express sweater and finally I (by I, I mean JT of course) had just gotten a new Black Express was gonna work well. Pants were simply a pair of charcoal pleated dockers that completed the ensamble (yes FFD wasn't dressed like a total schlub) . I went downstairs and Mom and Dad were sitting in the kitchen they gave me the once over and I remember Dad saying i smelled nice (ok so i shpritzed it till the air around me was saturated with enough cologne to kill a canary). there was only one thing left a coat. My weekday coat would not do. It's a green coat with a down lining that look like it came from surplus from the army of some third world country. So what does one do when he needs something nice in the household of the FFD...He checks the closet to see what JT has got. Truth is JT had 2 amazing new shabbos coat but I wasn't about to take one of those, so i took another one. A simple black, wool coat with those large black anchor buttons on it. It was a little big on me but I took it anyway.
  • Clothes -- CHECK
I went upstairs one more time and I think I may have seen FFW online but don't think i said anything to her. put up an away message and was ready to roll. As im out the door I hear my dad yell out what is his and probably will be my life's perpetual mantra



Anonymous Your Kallah said...

It's funny to see the "behind the scenes" from my chosson's point of view.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

Nu, so how about you?! :)

12:44 PM  
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