Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today Is The Day

Well my friends I know there has not been a post in the recent past, but be strong for tonight shall come a watershed event. Today is a day of all days, a day for the books, a day to remember. Today I propose to the FFW. Due to the fact that I cant seem to keep my mind straight I will keep this post very short. Last night I called up my FFW's home number (something ide never done before) and asked for her father. Being told that it was the only right thing to do I mustered up the courage to ask his permission. Jokingly he asked if I was on one knee (something I still don't plan on doing come the real thing) and nervously I responded I guess you'll have to take my word for it. You see you don't understand im not such a big guy and her dad towers over me like a sasquatch to a baby. Plus I was never sure what he thought of me; his impressions seemed to shift on a regular basis. But hey I'm a decent guy I think we both did very well so no complaints on my part. Tonight I think I will blog the night away reminiscing about our entire relationship; hope you all have time to read some of our history.

To leave you today I will publish a poem I wrote after one of our first dates.

The lights aren't brighter,the tastes any sweeter
Don't know what im feeling, but I like when I meet her
We have little fun but we talk for hours
I think Im beginning to feel cupid's powers
Is it real is it fake, there's no way I can know
So for now at least I'm gonna take it slow
Some people get lucky and I one of them?
Halevai, Gam Zu Letovah, I'm Yirtzeh Hashem


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Mazal Tov!

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U KNOW IT-Mazel tov

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