Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Week..

No Moshe I'm not reffering to the greatest newsmagazine of all time! I just wanted to let you all know that for the week before my upcomng marraige to FFW I expect you all to keep me company right here on frumdoc. Thanks I promise i will get back to both dating stories eventually (maybe it'll give me something to do the week of sheva brachot ;-).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mickey and Ricki...

Well the title of this post doesn't really say much to all of you but it will lead to something....I hope. Anyway 2 weeks ago FFW and I were together for shabbos (no need for jocular gasps and "say it aint so's") and as usually occurs after a shabbos together, we spent way too long deciding what we should do. (it usually ends up with us doing nothing but still). One of FFW's friends had told us that she may be going to Dave and Busters and we wanted to tag along ...sounded great, especially since I knew that I had brought the same outfit (almost) that I had worn on our first date at Jillians (Jillians became D&B). Anyway her friend finked out but I insisted that we go anyway. FFW told me to wait while she changed and when I saw her next wouldn't you know it she was wearing the same thing that she wore on our first date too (cue sentimental awwwwws).

So out we went to reenact our very first date, and let me tell you there is definitely some truth to the whole change the name change the mazel thing (Jillians --> D&B), b/c this date went 197.642% better than our first date (should I not be saying that?). Maybe it was the fact that nothing felt forced, maybe it was the fact that I didn't have to impress her anymore, maybe I was just now an experienced dater? But whatever it was we had a great time. We got to look at other couples and laugh at them (we were really laughing at ourselves but wtvr). We got to play some games (FFW cant drive and I cant dance [yes CY I did DDR just for you [and to reenact the fact that I did it on date one also]]). But best of all we were doing something and we were having fun. Basically we thought we had reached a point where we didn't need to do anything anymore. We honestly enjoyed just shmoozing on a couch hugging a pillow (Ezzie's got the greatest pillows....not the kind that go in a bro or mansiere :-), but it felt really great to go out and not have to talk about this or that, but to create something inconsequential and meaningless to talk about. Our minds were free to roam around the overstimulation that is Jillians. It was just what we needed, and when I walked my reenacted date to the door and she told me she had a wonderful time it felt good. I knew she meant it both as a first date emulation joke, but i could tell also that she really meant it as my FFW.

Anywho... why do you let me go on such ramblings... oh wait this entire blog is just my stupid ramblings which for some reason you people like to read :-P. I haven't gotten to my explaination about mickey and ricky but ill get there...just give me a day or two.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Geek Speak

To introduce my post about the work I currently do I want to let you all know a great thing that happened last night. Normally when someone asks me what I'm currently doing my response is a simple "research". Most people have no interest in precisely what I am researching or the techniques/intricacies of my everyday worklife. But last night was different; I went to the SerandEz thanksgiving bash and pretty much had nobody to talk to (especially since FFW and I came near the end and many people were already leaving). So as I sometimes do at these venues, I say my hellos, grab a bite and slink into a corner to ponder the mysteries of DaKirsch, while FFW chills with her gal pals. While in my moments of contemplation I was approached by Mrs. L. who promptly asked about myself and what's doing and somehow handed me off to Dr. L. (it had something to do with a psych patient, star trek, and a steno pad). What was so nice about speaking with Dr. L. was that no matter how in depth I went in speaking of my research, he was following right behind me. I could talk about tetanus toxin binding domains, and neuronal specificity and he would be hanging on my words like a Hungarian trapeeze artist (for you DK). Anyway It was just nice to be able to speak with someone who cares about what I do.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello all... Especially Moshe! I realize I have been away for a while but things have been super duper crazy. FFW and I have been busy putting our apartment together and things are really coming along. We can't wait to have each and every one of our readers over for a meal at some time (especially the couples [we just bought a game called "battle of the sexes" and I can't wait to show them whose boss ;-) ]) <-- that is not a double chin emoticon just the closing bracket and parenthesis. I have been building much of our bedroom furniture (which looks pretty nice even though it is pretty chrefty]) and am sore, black & blue, and totally wiped. At the behest of my wife (which is interesting because im the one you think would want it) we recently bought a used TV from craigslist. It was a great bargain and "the boys" are always welcome to chill at my place for the 1pm or 4pm games on sunday. The apartment looks great eventhough it has its drawbacks. Although there are many drawers and cabinets, most of them are too shallow to actually place many of the things we have. Med School applications are. . . . well let's just say I hope my procrastination pays off.

I recently interviewed at AECOM and to put it frankly I was grilled like a hamburger on memorial day. From everything I had read, Einstein interviews seemed chilled out, laid back, and basically the interviewers were just trying to ensure that you were a well intentioned and personable individual. Such was not the case with me. The interview lasted 21min. but it felt like days; I was shvitzing worse than a fat man in the negev in a khamsin, yet I remained cool and batted his questions with respectful honesty (let's hope it impressed him). I'm pretty good with feeling a person out but I was getting less feedback than phosphofructokinase in the presence of abundant ATP (that's for you Moshe).... but wtvr its over and i needn't bore you with every little detail of my anotomical responses to his curt brusqueness. wtvr basically it went ... just ok not good (i certainly didn't feel good about it).

still to come "what the heck is Doc working on these days anyway"