Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Academic Sisyphus

I have been going through some old emails/things I wrote in the past, and recently came across this little poem I wrote about 3 years ago. Sadly I still think it applies to the way I approach my studies. So to the very few of you who will actually read this, here's a little window into.... me.

The Academic Sisyphus:

You seem to be happy with all you are doing

But you make some mistakes that just keep accruing

You're running to the cliff without slowing down

The waters keep rising, you fear you may drown

You’ve dug it yourself, this ditch that you’ve made

All your hopes are a wreck as they begin to fade

Then the semester is over, you have to take it like a man

You made those mistakes, didn’t do all that you can

But time is anew and you will surely do better

Maybe this semester you'll get the first letter

This new chance makes you happy with all you are doing

But then you make those mistakes that just keep accruing