Thursday, May 11, 2006

Until We Speak tue

First off i would like to formally announce that a conclusion has beet met and the wedding will officially take place on Dec. 10th. (Feel free to leave posts of chizzuk b/c boy am i gonna need them).

Ok back to my Tale of Two Pretties (ok so only one but she's marrying me anyway ;-)

When we last left off FFW and i were to go out on Wed. Feb. 22. I had no idea what i was doing and as of yet had no idea of how i was gonna go about doing it. You see i lack any form of motorized vehicle of my own, and being that my Schwinn, 21 speed bike doesn't allow for two to ride comfortably it was time to inform the higher ups and put in a formal request for the gas mobile. I typically come home quite late and this wed. was no different. Mom was already in bed and i sat down beside her and she started shmoozing with me. I think i was able to communicate intelligently but i had only one thing on my mind, Telling her i had a date.

How is she gonna react? will she even believe me? will she prod me for info? will she ask what im doing? will she get involved? all these thoughts and more were circling my brain me like a merry go round.

So i just let it out as simply as possible. "i have a date next wed." and as if she was reading my mind simply stated "so you need the car?". That's it! nothing else? Yeah i need the car but no other interest? We continued shmoozing as JT entered the room and I told him that i had a date. He on the other hand didn't believe me at all. i forget how the rest of that convo. went but i think we were trying to brainstorm about what to do and when Dad entered the room i promptly left. I knew full well that i needn't tell my Dad about the date, a little birdie would tell him soon enough. HE would surely have the barrage of questions i wished to avoid (in a large part because i probably couldn't answer them anyway)

The rest of the week advanced and i began to get sick to my stomach. My nerves were completely shot. Even my MCAT didn't have such a dramatic effect on my stomach (although it gave me such terrible pains in my head and abdomen [remember mcorn?]). I began living on Ammodium and Powerade. I didnt feel sick or bad at all but i knew exactly what was causing these constant sprints to the bathroom (DK i feel for ya)

OOOOOK now that we have passed that (pun slightly intended) lets get back to the story.

At some point between Wed. and shabbos i remember going online and doing as i usually do somehow end up on google. At which point, not thinking there is anything wrong with what i was about to do typed in "FFW". Of course i later learned that searching is a Giant NO NO. or at least telling someone you did is faux pas. going through the results i saw numerous OS posts as well as an essay from her year in Machon Gold.

"how nice i thought" as i read the essay (eventhough i still entirely disagree with her pshat in Vayidom Aharon)[btw hun how come you denied ever writing that essay to me. i think it displayed a time in your life where you could take time out for your own thoughts of torah...absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!]

Then i went to check out the posts on OS. I then realized that i could contact her through the OS email option. Do i look back and think it's entirely stalkerish...Sure. did i think that then..who knows ...maybe my brain got flushed down the toilet.

**top secret** something FFW doesnt even know. I actually wrote something in that OS email thing but never sent it! ok ok i look back i see ok i know calm down all of you

While on the internet i also looked for where she was from, and got an address off one of the online phonebook sites. Hey gimme a break that's not stalkerish i was gonna have to know where to pick her up from anyway! OY i sound like a complete freak but i digress.

When Motza'ei Shabbos arrived i recall someone saying something about me going out (in all likelyhood it was JT) and my father tried to act completely dumb.
"What date?" "FFD has a date?" "when?" all the things you would say if you actually knew but were trying to put up a facade of ignorance (which sometimes is easier for some people)

So i told him and as he always asks when i have to go somewhere "Do you know where you're going" i told him i had looked it up on google maps and i did in fact know where i was going. He gazed at me for a while and then said "ok we will go to check it out tommorow"

What? He's gonna take me on a dry run? (yes hun i wasnt driving the dry run) Are you kidding?

"It's okay" i say, not wanting my dad to get within 5 miles of this girls place. "i know where im going". But my efforts were to no avail and that sunday we were in the car on our way. I remember turning onto the road three blocks away and pleading with my dad not to actually drive by the house.
What if she's outside?...What if she sees me?...What if she recognizes the car on wed.?

And as if my stomach could see the house when we passed, he let out a huge growl

"umm Dad can we get home already i gotta go to the bathroom"


Anonymous jt said...

It was NOT JT who said you had a date- If I remember correctly, you intentionally revealed that info to Dad.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Your Kallah said...

I was totally calm...

But anyway, during this time that FFD was sitting on the throne for about a week, I was busy planning my best friend's sheva brachos. However, I did squeeze in some time to shmooze with ez about this shidduch which I thought was hysterical since nuermous people have mentioned to me in the past about us "going out." I was probably asking ez all sorts of questions(none of which I remember). I did assume that FFD went to OJ since we know a bunch of the same guys. But ya...DON'T ASSUME!!!

12:35 PM  
Blogger McOrn said...

Haha...MCAT headaches and abdominal pain. Good times.
For the record, FFD called me to ask my opinion about him contacting FFW through OS. Of course I was strongly opposed to the idea. Sure, at the time FFD didn't understand how strange that was. He seemed all worked up about some stupid (sorry) OS posts. Yeah, the life of a hacker/stalker.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

However, I did squeeze in some time to shmooze with ez about this shidduch which I thought was hysterical since nuermous people have mentioned to me in the past about us "going out."

Some time? Ha! :)

Yeah, I never quite got why you thought he was an OJ guy. Clearly, he's a crazy Mevaseret guy.

Oh man, you guys are skipping so much! [Wait, should I shut up now? Hmm - I wonder who will kill me first. This is fun.]

3:29 PM  
Blogger Frum Future Doctor said...

umm ezward as far as i know nothing has been skipped as of yet we are not where you and i come in yet.... i dont think ...but please if this is to be as accurate as possible please add where nessicary.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Your Kallah said...

Why can't I remember exactly everything that happened!! It wasn't THAT long ago!!!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

I told your kallah what I recall. I know you're not up to where I come in on your side yet... anyways, this is great stuff! Keep it up!

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:57 AM  

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