Friday, May 19, 2006

The Second Second Call

Hello All! And welcome back. I apologize again for the span of time in which I did not post but as you could all well imagine things aren't as calm as they may seem. B"H all is well with me and mine and a hearty Mazel Tov to my chavrusah YY on his engagement (also an FFD). Being that I have a small span of time today, I will return to the tale of the last 12...yes 12 weeks now!

So time pressed on and I was still quite the nervous wreck. I will not provide you with any further metaphor as to my irritable bowels but you get the idea. So I have to make this second call and there about six people in the room I'm in. It's much too cold outside to have the conversation there, so I look around. Hmm....Bathroom? nah bad reception and just plain nasty. Some classrom in the main building? Nope too far. So I decide to go into the last quiet place in the dormitory apartment...the closet. The closet is a small space with just enough room in which I can fit a single chair. There is a single orange incandescent bulb up on the wall and the light switch is on the outside conveniently located where anyone can mess with me while I'm on this important phone call.

The entire day I was trying to think of things to say on this call, and I did have a couple of good conversation starters. I did know she had just gone to her best friends wedding on Sunday and made Sheva Brachos for her Mon. night. We still had some mutual friends to talk about and I had something that for some reason never popped into my head but was the first thing everyone that did know about this date kept asking me. "Where does the name *FFW* come from?" Well I figured I would do just fine with all of these things to shmooze about.

So I go into the closet and have the good old reliable finger slip. She picks up and I try to act as calmly as possible.

FFD:"hey whats was the wedding and sheva brachos"
FFW:"really nice......."

she trails off and I am hanging onto every word as if I was being tested on it in an hour. All this intentness actually made it harder to remember everything. there was the name R****, best friend, supersol, cooking, sarah, baking, really nice. Great it was nice! I'm thinking nice is good that probably means she's in a good mood. Ok move on to the name question.

FFD:"So people have been asking me (this was to make it seem like I'm trying to assuage others curiosity and not my own) where does the name FFW comes from?
FFW: laughs out loud as if I were the next Jackie Mason
FFW:"nothing...its just that you don't have the most normal name either"
FFD:"AH So you know about that"
FFW:"I have my sources"
FFD:"well what did your sources say"
FFW:"well I heard two separate stories from different sources" She goes on to explain how one of those sources is her good friend who went out with our good friend JT (only later did I realize which of JT's dating stories she was)

She goes on to explain what she heard, and of course like a horrendous game of first grade telephone what she heard was all wrong. so I explained to her how a guy ends up with a crazy name like mine and we shmooze a little longer till we get to the date.

Did you catch that? Yeah that's right what started out as a question about her name only led to me explaining mine. Rewind...I remember what I wanted to know and heck, it had been bugging me like one of those gnats that fly into ur ear for the past week, so I pressed again and got what I was looking for. Finally relief! Yes all of you know im a curious one and when there is something to be known I'm the first to try to know it. When there's something im not supposed to know I like to be the first to know that too! I think the movie Curious George had just come out and somehow she started calling me that.

For the past week I had been asking of my few close, ideas about where to go on a first date. I heard Everything, from lounges and coffee, to dinner, to entertainment places. A couple of people had mentioned a place called Jillians. It seemed okay to me (what the heck did I know, id'e never even thought about going out until one week earlier and all of this responsibility was placed on my shoulders. Hey she's the one that has gone out before she knows what works and what doesn't why shouldn't she come up with the date plan!)
So I tell her about my idea to go to jillians and again she laughs at me. Either someone is tickling her or I'm the next Bill Cosby and didn't even know it.

FFD:"whats so funny?"
FFW:"No Nothing"
FFW:"Nothing really just...well seems like a lot of guys go there on a first date...I mean ive been there before on first dates...Its fine really, Don't Be Nervous!

Little did I know at the time that my FFW was known to the world as the dating Guinea pig. If a guy was gonna start dating somehow FFW was the first person he was set up with. She had been on numerous first dates and in her eyes this one would be exactly the same. She would be playing the part of the lady while taking the gentleman's (at least I hope I was a gentleman) hand (figuratively of course). This to her was a teaching exercise (ooh and yes there was much for me to learn but we will get there soon).

Fine so come out of the closet (literally of course) and log onto AIM on my friends computer. relax a little because the trauma of the first set of calls is over. I felt like celebrating. I needn't even go out to feel good, this was a major accomplishment. So I'm on IM and Ezzie (finally his part in this saga begins) is online. I start shmoozing with him and then out of the blue he says "two 45 min. Conversations...Doc that's big news" and I wasn't even aware that he had known FFW. Anyway I don't remember the exact content of our little chat but I did learn that at the very same time that he was chatting with me, he was typing to her as well. He suggested that I IM her.

**realize people I hadn't even met this girl all I had was some unflattering picture that didn't do her remote justice from the wedding of our shadchanim**


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Blogger McOrn said...

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10:53 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

Woah - and I wasn't even aware that he had known FFW

Yes you did. You said to me: "I wasn't sure if you knew."

But great post. :)

1:05 AM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

FFD: and unlike ezzie i type that only when i laugh out loud

Hmph. Jerk. And right after we have a whole convo about how I only say it if I actually think something is funny.

[Oh, and you two are soooo funny. Not on purpose. :) ]

1:12 AM  
Blogger Your Kallah said...

I'm glad we entertain you

11:36 PM  
Blogger Ezzie said...

Me too. Otherwise, what would I do all day? Blog?!

1:54 AM  
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